E-tailers Grow with Help from AVID Commerce

by forging long-term relationships and maintaining proven commerce strategies

AVID Commerce is much more than the garden variety web commerce consultancy. Born from the primordial goo of the internet retailers Working Person's Store and FurnitureFind.com, our clients benefit from the unique experiences we share of moving product in volume in the wired world.

AVID plants itself in the soil with our clients, ever pushing upward to soak in the sun and eventually soar into the skies. Our clients grow, learn and discover alongside us in order to adopt the proper commerce strategies that are applicable to their respective industry and customer base.

AVID isn't a place where years of commerce strategy are simply regurgitated to turn an invoice and pay the bills. We custom formulate all of your solutions to the specifications, budget and comforts you hold dear. We try new things with respect to your risk involved. We treat your business like our own. And, we enjoy what we do, together.

AVID dedicates itself to developing broad-spectrum commerce solutions, but help in any of the following arenas:

  • Commerce Platform Software & Development
  • Merchandising & Marketing Analysis
  • Increasing Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost Management
  • National-scope Design & Usability
  • SEO & PPC Strategy & Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Social Commerce Initiatives
  • ERP & CRM Planning & Integration

But, AVID doesn't stop there. AVID doesn't stop.

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Great Lakes Skipper

Great Lakes Skipper offers its clearance warehouse operation stellar logistics control with AVID-created applications integrating Ebay auctions, shipping cost calculators and leading back-office product SKU control.

Great Lakes Skipper

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As the first operation to benefit from AVID Commerce technologies and tooling, FurnitureFind.com was named one of the fastest growing US companies by Inc 500 due to its 1998-2002 growth rate of 1003%!


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